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Sgt Charles Parle  Missing in action, Korean War
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Privates John and Frank Parle  Died in action, France, World War I
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Ensign John Joseph Parle  Died from injury, Sicily, World War II
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Trooper Warren Parle  Killed in action, New Guinea, World War II
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02 January 2002  From: dennis parle  To: john parle

Subject: Parle Roll of Honour

Hi John,

Happy New Year and we hope 2002 will be a successful and happy one for you and your family.

No doubt you are kept busy removing snow but we here in Sydney are sweltering in 90-100 degree temperatures and we are in our 10th day of severe bushfires around the fringes of our city. The pall of smoke has been so intense that visibility during the day has been poor and at times the helicopters that are water bombing the fires have had to be grounded because they can't see the flames through the smoke.

High temperatures and strong winds are likely to continue for many more days so no relief is in sight at the moment.

With such unpleasant conditions I am sitting in air conditioning catching up on my backlog of correspondence, which brings me to the main purpose of this email

Back in November you sent me 2 reports- the first about Ensign Parle and his heroism off the coast of Sicily and the other about Sgt Charles Parle MIA in Korea.

I thought that we should have a Roll of Honour to commemorate our brave namesakes who sacrificed their lives for their country.

I have been researching and writing the stories of 12 Australian Parles who enlisted in WW1, WW2 and Vietnam. Some of the stories I have unearthed are very moving. My cousin Trooper Warren Parle was killed in action in New Guinea on 12th January 1943. Warren was in a tank and there is graphic detail of the battle in which he lost his life. General Macarthur and another Australian general were criticised over their failure to follow the lessons that had been learned about the way tanks should have been used in jungle warfare and in the official history Warren's commanding officer when given his orders protested and said they were sending his men to a certain death and he demanded the orders were recorded in writing because he considered them wrong instructions. Warren’s tank lasted less than 3 minutes in action. He was incinerated and I have a photo of his burnt out tank. He was just 21.

My brother Eric was wounded in action also in New Guinea the day before Warren was killed. Eric was in the commandos and was only 18.

If you feel a Roll of Honour is appropriate I will prepare a proper citation for Warren. Perhaps there are other Parles who paid the supreme sacrifice

Best regards



05 January 2002  From: John Patrick Parle  To: Dennis Parle

Subject: Re: Parle Roll of Honour

Hi Dennis,

I think it would be a great idea to have a Parle roll of honor. Perhaps we can approach Ken at the Parle egroup to publish such an honour roll, as well as Michael A. Parle in England who maintains the Parle website. I wonder if Michael W. Parle in Ireland might be willing to include such an honour roll in this work?

The Honour Roll might have different levels as well, to include those Parles who were wounded in battle or disabled in any way while in the service. And perhaps there might be mention of any Parle around the world who served in the armed forces of their country. I never was in the service, but I appreciate the sacrifices of those who did become part of the army, navy, or air force.

Best wishes for the New Year, and keep me posted on your idea.

John Patrick

P.S. I trust that the fires we are hearing about are not near your properties. There was a news note today here that even the Kuala bear population in the area is being threatened.



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