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The Parle Genealogy Website provides information about Parle families worldwide and the origins of the Parle name in Ireland and England.  The pages are collated from emails and articles provided by family members and friends interested in researching the Parle family name.  Most of the information was initially circulated through the .  My thanks to all who have contributed.

Particular thanks to Michael W J Parle of Co. Kildare, Republic of Ireland, who undertook the initial task of bringing together the many threads of discussion and placed all emails and articles into a single word document.  His work forms the basis of this website.

To all Parles: if you would like a page focussing on a particular topic or Parle family group, please let me know.

This website was originally put together in 2003.  There have been some additions since then and I hope to add more data in the near future.

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