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From: RISD E-mail Enquiry Service 
To: Dennis Parle 
Sent: Wednesday, May 09, 2001 12:02 AM 
Subject: Re: World War 1 Information

Dear Mr Parle

Thank you for contacting the Public Record Office.

Yes RAMC is stand for Royal Army Medical Corp

Because of the many varied and competing demands placed on its staff resources, the Public Record Office, (PRO) is unable to undertake research on your behalf.

We are able to offer general guidance in respect of the PRO's holdings, and can make general suggestions about possible record classes but we cannot identify specific records or mark up documents for copying.

If you are able to visit the Office, staff on duty will be happy to show you how to set about identifying relevant material.


From: Sandra
Sent: Friday 16 November 2001 
To: Michael A Parle 
Subject: tracing family members

I am trying to trace family members that I haven't met.  They came from London and they have the same surname as yourself.  I know one is called Patsie one David and one Michael.
Can you help?


From: ramon preciado
Sent: Wednesday 16 January 2002 
To: Michael A Parle 
Subject: Hi

I am Joan Parle. My fathers family were brought up in Wexford. My cousin who still lives in the family cottage has done a great deal on research on our family history. My fathers name was John Parle.
I am at present visiting my son in California where I lived for 34 years but finally made it back home and live in Dumfries Scotland.
Thanks for the info. 
Yours sincerely
Joan Parle


From: Ellen Parle 
Sent: Monday 25 March 2002 
To: Christine
Subject: The Parle family

Dear Christine
My name is Ellen and I am married to Gerry Parle who is the brother of Lily who I believe you contacted not long ago. Her husband is Harry.
I did try to send an email a couple of weeks ago but I think the address was incorrect.
Gerry and I live in Almeria, southern Spain and we would love to hear from you and receive any information you have collected about our family. Lily has given me the email address for a J Parle in Michigan U.S.A. and I have contacted him to-day.
Please get in touch.
All the best
Ellen and Gerry (Gerard) Parle


From: Matt Bowden 
Sent: Thursday 11 April 2002 
Subject: [parle] Hello

Hi everyone,

My name is Matt, I'm from Canberra, Australia and I'm obviously new to this group! The reason I'm here is because my mother's maiden name is Parle. All I know is her father's family came from Ireland (sorry, don't know where!: )

I was talking with my mum the other night and she mentioned that our "Parle" family are directly related to a French princess who also had the surname of Parle. Does anyone on the list know anything about a French princess who was a Parle?

Cheers,  Matt.


From: Matt Bowden 
Sent: Thursday 11 April 2002 
Subject: RE: [parle] Hello

Hi again,

I just confirmed with my mum that we are from County Wexford. Do all Parles originate from there? Sorry, I'm new to this and haven't had a chance to read any of the other posts!

Regards,  Matt.


From: Wanda Bridges (Parle) Thompson 
Sent: Thursday 11 April 2002 
Subject: Re: [parle] Hello

Hello Matt, Who is your Mum? And no, not all Parle's originate from County Wexford, but most of them do. Please tell us more after you have read the other posts. They will help you if they can.

Wanda Bridges (Parle) Thompson
California, USA


From: John Patrick Parle 
Sent: Thursday 11 April 2002 
Subject: Re: [parle] Hello

Greetings Matt,

I haven't heard the tale of a French princess named Parle. Sounds like a cheerful tale though. As Wanda said, most Parles of Ireland came from Co. Wexford. Before that, there have been data suggesting that Parles came from Normandy or Flanders. 

John P.


From: Matt Bowden 
Sent: Friday 12 April 2002 
Subject: RE: [parle] Hello

Hi there,

My mum's name is Elizabeth Ann (Parle) Bowden. She was born in Sydney, Australia.



From: Woods (Parle), Margaret 
Sent: Friday 12 April 2002 
Subject: RE: Parle

Hiya. My dad's name was John Parle and his father's name was Tom and his mother Mary but I do not know her surname. I have a brother called Gerry Parle and he is married to Sara Coghlan and they have two sons, Rory Parle and Eoghan Parle. I also have a sister called Antoinette Parle.

Best regards,  Margaret


From: Christine
Sent: Monday 29 April 2002 
To: Paula
Subject: Re:Ancestry-Christine

Hi Paula ,
Pleased you received the letter & the Cheque.
The Ancestry book sounds very interesting, wouldn't it be some thing if you found the de Parles ?
Where is Charlemagne in France, is it in Normandy?
Look forward to your news Paula
Bye for now Christine

Info below from Library in Liverpool ref Census.
ref; Luke on the 1862 census, we have only a



Origin of Parle/Devries

Posted at the Wexford message board at Rootweb.

Author: Mary Allan 
Date: 3 May 2002 

My great grandfather was Robert Parle married to Anna Lambert, from Ballandinas, Wexford. Children were Alice, Catherine, Jack and Bob. Rumour says that the family once fled from France heading for England. They ended up in Wexford and had the name Devries which later was changed. "Parlez vous francais?" hence to Parle. Anybody else hear a tale like this in their family?


Parle from Ballandinas, Wexford

From: John Patrick Parle 
Sent: Saturday 11 May 2002  

Greetings Parle researchers,

The item below was posted at the Wexford message board at Rootsweb. The person has Parle ancestors from Ballandinas, about a quarter mile southeast of Barntown, and a mile west of Wexford town. Here's a different theory where the Parle name came from. Have never heard this one before. Maybe it could apply to some Wexford Parles, and not others.

John Patrick

"Great grandfather was Robert Parle married to Anna Lambert, from Ballandinas, Wexford. Children were Alice, Catherine, Jack and Bob. Rumour says that the family once fled from France heading for England. They ended up in Wexford and had the name Devries which later was changed. "Parlez vous francais?" hence to Parle. Anybody else hear a tale like this in their family?"


John Joseph Parle USNR

From: David R. Parle 
Sent: Wednesday 29 May 2002 

Hello, my name is David R. Parle. Currently living in Arkansas, USA. My family currently lives in San Jose, Calif., USA. I was reading on your web-site and have some more info on the family. My hopes is that the info below is readable on your side.  RSVP

David R. Parle

[see In Memory of John Joseph Parle for info sent by David R. Parle]


Parles in Wexford in 1659

From: John Patrick Parle 
Sent: Tuesday 4 June 2002 

Greetings Parle researchers,

Wexford family researcher Hilary Murphy has written:
"A census of Co. Wexford for the year 1659 shows that there were nineteen Parles (rendered Pearle) in the Bargy at that time. In the previous century there is a reference to Thomas Parle of Cowelsheiken, Co. Wexford, who was killed in a quarrel in 1563, and to one Edmund Parle, of Brittas Co. Wicklow, described as a galloglass in 1570."
Source: A notable family with Wexford associations by Hilary Murphy.

The Bargy is a barony on the south-central coast of County Wexford. At the east end of the Bargy is Kilmore; the west end of the Bargy is at Bannow; in between is Duncormick, and the Bargy goes as far north to include part of the old Taghmon civil parish. To see a map of the Bargy barony and other Wexford baronies.
Check out: 

I'm betting that the census that Hilary Murphy is referring is the so-called "Pender's Census" of 1659 which, among other things, recorded the principal Irish names in each barony. It would be interesting to see just how far the Parle surname had spread by 1659. There were 19 Parles (families I presume) in the Bargy by then. Were there Parle families in the Forth barony (which included Wexford town), to the east of the Bargy? Or where there Parles in other Wexford baronies?

If anyone has access to a copy of Pender's Census, could you look up the name Parle (Pearle) in the various Wexford baronies? We know that by the 1853 Griffith's Valuation, all the Parle surnames were in the southern half of the county. Perhaps we might be able to establish that two hundred years previous to this, Parle families were pretty much centralized in the Bargy area, and that this barony was the geographical source-point for the Parles in Co. Wexford. More research would be required to make this claim though.

For more on Pender's Census, see John Grenham's book, "Tracing your Irish Ancestors," (1999), p. 20. 

Best wishes,

John Patrick Parle, USA 


Parles of New Brunswick

From: Peter Lewicke
Sent: Wednesday 12 June 2002 

---------Original Message-------------
I am a Parle, but am new to looking on the internet for genealogy. I have  joined the and am trying to figure where my line might come from  or if I am related to any of you. Where is Wexford Town?
My family were O'Neils from Ireland - during the potato famine they came to  Restigouche, New Brunswick, CA - they supposedly took the name of the boat  which we always thought was The Parle, but now we realize it could have been  the ship The Pearl. This summer we went to Halifax, Nova Scotia and tried  to do some research. A little lady we talked to said the word "Parle" with an Irish accent and it sounded just like "Pearl".
 I have looked at some of the ship lists on the internet and see that there  is definitely a ship "The Pearl" which did come from England and I think  Ireland to Canada. 
 My ancestor John D. Parle was born in 1852 and naturalized in Philadelphia, Pa in 1865. On the naturalization papers it  does not list the parents, which is odd to me, as John D. Parle was only 13 when he was naturalized. I am trying to find out who John D. Parle's 
 parents are. I would be very interested to know where your Parle's come  from and who they are. Thanks. Lynne

I also have Parle (or Pearle) ancestors who lived in New Brunswick, but they arrived there in the 1820'2 and settled in Jacquet River or Beresford ( land grant in Beresford in 1838). I don't know anything about a ship's name having been taken. The story in my family is that 
a Parle ancestor was an American soldier during the Revolution. Other Parles were granted land in New Brunswick in the 1820's and '30's. I will look through my information about that branch. There is some information about Parles in the New Brunswick archives.

Peter Lewicke


From: Lynne Svoboda 
Sent: Monday 17 June 2002 
Subject: Re: Parles of New Brunswick

My great grandfather's name was Michael Parle. He arrived in the USA in May, 1880. Born in County Wexford 29 Nov 1865 or 1867? Applied for citizenship in Feb. 1894. Married Cora Hatie in March 1894. Died in Cleveland, Ohio on 05 Oct 1901. 

This is all I know about him. Would like to find his parents, etc. Can anyone out there help? 

Thanks. Lynne


From: Wanda Bridges (Parle) Thompson
Sent: Tuesday 18 June 2002
Subject: Re: Parles of New Brunswick

Welcome to the Parle genealogy, Lynn. I am sure there will be someone who will be able to help you follow your line. Don't give up.

Wanda Bridges (Parle) Thompson


From: John Patrick Parle 
Sent: Sunday 7 July 2002 
Subject: Re: Parles of New Brunswick

Hello Lynn,

I wonder if the name of your Michael Parle's parents would appear on Michael's death certificate, from Oct. 1905. If that info materializes, you might be able to find the civil parish and townland he came from in that all the Wexford Parle households in the 1853 Griffith's Valuation are listed in the archives of this Parle egroup, on the messages posted on: May 4, 2001, and June 4, 2001.

The other point is that you can be pretty much assured that your Wexford Parle came from the southern half of the county, based on the geographic research done by Judy Parle using the 1853 Griffith's data. 

Best wishes.

John Patrick Parle, USA 


Luke Parle

From: Robert D Hobson 
Sent: Tuesday 18 June 2002 

My name is Robert Hobson and I live in West Yorkshire (UK), I am looking for any information on a Luke Parle who I am told was born in Waterford, Southern Ireland. He was unfortunately killed in WWI 14th September 1916 (aged approx 36).


From: John Patrick Parle 
Sent: Sunday 7 July 2002 

Hello Robert,

We have been in contact with a Parle family living in Ireland whose ancestors came from County Waterford at the turn of the century. I'll send you their e-mail address in a separate mailing. 

Best wishes,
John Patrick Parle, USA



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