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Wed Nov 11 1998   From: Judy Parle 

I'm researching any and all Parles (including alternate spellings) in pre-1900 County Wexford. I've transcribed the info on all Parles listed in the 1853 Griffith's Valuation for Co. Wexford and also all Parles listed in the 1901 census of the County. Have some 1860s births and some tombstone information.

We are hoping ultimately to find the specific birthplace, parents, and siblings of a John J. Parle, born somewhere in Co. Wexford on 1 May 1829. He emigrated to the USA in 1848 and settled in Los Angeles, California, where he married widow Ellen Sex and fathered five children. He died there on 26 June 1915.

None of his living descendants know anything about his Irish origins. I am willing to work on any Parle family in order to track down my own. Am happy to share anything I have. Judy Parle San Geronimo, CA (USA)


Sat Jan 22, 2000  From: Judith Parle

Subject: Project update

Just wanted to let you all know that I'm still working away at my Parle’s in Ireland (but almost entirely Co. Wexford) database, which is an MS Excel workbook with seven worksheets (Births, Deaths, Gravestones, Marriages, Griffith's Evaluation, 1901 Census, and an all-name Index).

When finished it can be sent (as an e-mail attachment) to anyone who wants it. So far I've got 625 entries, including Parles (w/variant spellings), Parle in-laws, & etc., plus records for a few other unrelated surnames. It seems to be taking me forever to finish the dang thing. After tax season maybe it'll go faster.

Judy Parle


31.01.2001 To Judy Parle from Mike Parle

Subj: Fw: Yahoo! Groups Parle Messages Message 18 of 34


I trust you will receive this e-mail.

I would appreciate a copy of your completed work when finished. We Parles live in Leixlip, North Kildare, and Ireland. I am originally from Sandycove in South County Dublin.

My father and grandparents were Parles from Waterford.

Keep up the good work.

Michael (Mike) Parle


27.4.2001 From JP to Mike Parle, Christine Brown and Dennis Parle

Re: Fwd: Judy Parle (1941- Feb 28 2001)

Dear Mike, Christine, and Dennis,

I sent this to the Parle listserv. I am sad to report Judy's passing.

John Patrick


Dear Parle family researchers,

I am sad to report that Judy Parle of California, a longtime Parle researcher, has recently died of cancer. We just received this information, per the e-mail below. I have sent a sympathy card to her family on behalf of Parles around the world.

Judy had diligently worked on Parle family research for over two decades, and was selfless in her willingness to share information. A couple years ago, Judy sent me a complete listing of all 100 or so Parle households of County Wexford in the 1853 Griffith's Valuation. In Judy's memory, I would like to offer to do any look-ups of Parle ancestors in these Griffith's data. Please just send me the name of your Parle ancestor. 

Those of us who knew Judy will miss her, and we hope she may be having a fine time of it somewhere in the afterlife, perhaps with our Parle ancestors, whom she so faithfully researched.


John Patrick Parle, USA


received 26-4-2001

Dear Mr. Parle,

It is with great sadness that I must inform you of the death of Judy Parle, our dear friend and colleague. Judy passed away from cancer on February 8 after having learned of her illness only around Thanksgiving. Valiant as always and as she desired, Judy worked until January 3. She was able to remain at home during her final weeks and died in the presence of her immediate family. The outpouring of affection at two memorial services, one at her local Presbyterian church and the other at Dominican University of California, attested to the blessings she brought to all who knew her. We will miss her very much. Please accept my condolences to the Parle family dispersed throughout the world and on whose behalf she did so much fine genealogical research.

Sincerely yours,

Alan Schut

Collection Development Librarian
Archbishop Alemany Library
Dominican University of California
50 Acacia Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94901-2298
Phone: 415/458-3703
FAX: 415/459-2309



09.05.2001 from John Patrick to Mike

Subject: Griffith Lookup

Hi Mike,

Judy Parle gave me a printout of all the hundred or so Parles listed in the 1853 Griffith's Valuation for Co. Wexford. Is there any possibility that your ancestors lived in Co. Wexford in circa 1850? I ask this, because the database at   doesn't show any Parle families in Co. Waterford in the Griffith's Valuation. I wonder what the anomaly is? Could you give me the names of your adult Parle ancestors, those who would be heads of households in circa 1853. I might be able to find them in a civil parish at the Waterford border.

Bye for now, and happy hunting.

John Patrick


09.05.2001 reply from Mike

Dear JP,

The following is the only information obtained by me so far.

"My father Joseph (Joe) Aloysious Parle was born on 6th December 1911 in Waterford city, a short distance from south Wexford (His father James Parle died 28/08/1914; mother Mary (Mai) Margaret nee Walsh Parle died 26/12/1926. He had just one brother Colas (Nicholas) who died 8/10/1933. So he was just 3 when he lost his Dad and aged 15 his mother died." I do not have their specific date of birth.

I do not yet have the names, birth dates and location of my great grandfather (mother), great great grandfather and great great great grandfather (probable date of birth was probably 1870's, 1830's, 1790's and 1750's).

'The 1853 Griffith's Valuation' would probably cover my ggrandafther and gggrandfather. Your hypothesis on those ancestors living in Wexford at the time is reasonable. As I have said the counties are adjacent.

As soon as I research that data I will be in touch. Thank you for your interest.

Kindest regards



9.05.2001 from JP to Mike

Subject: Parrell?

Hi Mike,

Would it be possible that the Griffith's recorder wrote down your ancestor's family as "Parrell"? There were two Parrell families recorded inCo. Waterford in the Griffith's Valuation, circa 1850. On of the granduncles of my father spelled his name Parrell once he came to the USA.

Again, if you send me a given name, I can search the records I have here.

Bye for now, and happy hunting.

John Patrick


From: John Patrick Parle, Pontiac, Michigan, USA  
Sent: 04 June 2001 

Subject: List of Parle households in the 1853 Griffith's Valuation, Co. Wexford

Greetings Parle researchers,

Judy Parle had sent me the complete listing of Parles in the Wexford Griffith's Valuation, and it seemed like such a useful tool, that I've typed the list below.

Contact me if you need help finding the civil parish on the map, and I can also locate many of the townlands in the Wexford Town/Castlebridge/Ferrycarrig areas. Also, each of these listings has info on the landlord, lot no., property type, and other items that I can provide.

John Patrick Parle, USA

Wexford Parle households in 1853

The list below has all entries for Parle heads of household in the 1853 Wexford Griffith's Valuation, except for entries for John Parle, which were posted at this site last month. There are here 80+ Parle households and property entries; in addition, there are 20+ entries for John Parle. There were only about five Parle households in Ireland listed outside of County Wexford in the Griffith's Valuation. Additional family members within each of these households below are not listed; the Griffith's only collected the names of heads of households. Judy Parle's observation, when mapping out these entries, was that all Wexford Parles were living in the southern half of the county--that is south of Enniscorthy. At least, that is where the Parle households were. As can be seen, each head of household below has his/her location given by Civil Parish and Townland. Civil parishes tended to have about 10-20 townlands in them. There were 134 civil parishes in County Wexford in1853.

Townlands, the smaller territorial unit, tended to be around 150-250 acres in area.

(1 square mile=640 acres.)

Parle heads of household in the 1853 Wexford Griffith's Valuation (79 Entries)

  1. Anastasia Parle--Ballybrennan civil parish/Ratholm townland
  2. Anastasia Parle--Ballyvaloo civil parish/Ballyvaloo Lower townland
  3. Andrew Parle--Kilrane civil parish/Ballyreilly townland
  4. Andrew Parle--St. Helen's civil parish/Ballyhire townland
  5. Andrew Parle--St. Helen's civil parish/Boher townland
  6. Anne Parle--Kilmore civil parish/Richardstown townland
  7. Bartholomew Parle--Kilcowanmore civil parish/Carrigunane townland
  8. Bridget Parle--Killurin civil parish/Tinnakilla townland
  9. Bridget Parle & P. Lacy--Killurin civil parish/Tinnakilla townland
  10. Bridget Parle--Rossdroit civil parish/Courtnacuddy townland
  11. Bridget Parle--Tacumshin civil parish/Ballyhiho townland
  12. Catherine Parle--Kildavin civil parish/Kildavin Lower townland
  13. Edward Parle--Fethard civil parish/Grange townland
  14. Ellen Parle--Killegney civil parish/Forestwood townland
  15. Ellen Parle--Kilmore civil parish/Little Saltee Island townland (Who farmed the Little Saltees)
  16. Ellen Parle--Kilturk civil parish/Clongaddy townland
  17. Francis Parle--Kilmore civil parish/Nemestown townland
  18. George Parle--Taghmon civil parish/Coolraheen townland
  19. James Parle--Ballyhogue civil parish/Ballyhogue townland
  20. James Parle & P. Sinnot--Ballyhogue civil parish/Ballyhogue townland
  21. James Parle--Ballyvaloo civil parish/Ballyvaloo Upper townland
  22. James Parle--Carn civil parish/Churchtown townland
  23. James Parle--Carn civil parish/Ballask townland
  24. James Parle--Carrick civil parish/Coolcots townland
  25. James Parle--Killurin civil parish/Tinnakilla townland
  26. Rev. James Parl (R.C.)--Kilmallock civil parish/Ballymurn Upper townland
  27. James Parle--Kilmore civil parish/Nemestown townland
  28. James Parle--New Ross civil parish/Cross-lane townland
  29. James Parle--Tacumshin civil parish/Hilltown townland
  30. James Parle--Taghmon civil parish/Coolateggart townland
  31. James Parle--Taghmon civil parish/Poulmarl townland
  32. Lawrence Parle--Rossdroit civil parish/Rathnure townland
  33. Margaret Parle--LadyIsland civil parish/Great Earldownes townland
  34. Margaret Parle--Templestown civil parish/Little Gralgue townland
  35. Martin Parle--Taghmon civil parish/Raheen townland
  36. Martin Parle--Taghmon civil parish/Traceytown West townland
  37. Mary Parle--Ballyhogue civil parish/Kerieght townland
  38. Mary Parle--Bannow civil parish/Barrystown townland
  39. Mary Parle--Kilcowanmore civil parish/Ballybrittas townland
  40. Mary Parle--Kilcowanmore civil parish/Sparrowsland townland
  41. Mary Parle--Wexford town civil parish/Well-Lane townland
  42. Matthew Parle--Wexford town civil parish/Main St. South townland
  43. Michael Parle (red)--Ballyvaloo civil parish/Ballyvaloo Upper townland
  44. Michael Parle (black)--Ballyvaloo civil parish/Ballyvaloo Upper townland
  45. Michael Parle--Killag civil parish/Pembrokestown townland
  46. Moses Parle--Killinick civil parish/Sanctuary townland
  47. Neale Parle--Taghmon civil parish/Main St. townland
  48. Nicholas Parle--Clongeen civil parish/Garryrichard townland
  49. Nicholas Parle--Rosslare civil parish/Ballybro townland
  50. Nicholas Parle--Taghmon civil parish/Coolateggart townland
  51. Patrick Parle--Ballyvaloo civil parish/Ballyvaloo Upper townland
  52. Patrick Parle--Horetown civil parish/Tottenhamgreen townland
  53. Patrick Parle--Killurin civil parish/Tinnakilla townland
  54. Patrick Parle--Mayglass civil parish/Randalstown townland
  55. Patrick Parle--Mulrankin civil parish/Mulrankin townland
  56. Patrick Parle & J. Duncan--New Ross civil parish/Robert Street townland
  57. Patrick Parle--Taghmon civil parish/Cloghulatagh townland
  58. Patrick Parle--Taghmon civil parish/Back Street townland
  59. Peter Parle--Wexford town civil parish/Well-Lane townland
  60. Richard Parle--Kilmore civil parish/Bastardstown townland (Now Sea View)
  61. Richard Parle--Kilmore civil parish/Nemestown
  62. Richard Parle--Kilturk civil parish/Clongaddy townland
  63. Richard P. Parle--Whitechurchglynn civil parish/Castlehayestown townland
  64. Stephen Parle--Mayglass civil parish/Silverspring townland
  65. Stephen Parle--Tacumshin civil parish/Ringknock townland
  66. Thomas Parle--Ballylannan civil parish/Polldoon townland
  67. Thomas Parle--Ballynaslaney civil parish/Ballynaslaney townland
  68. Thomas Parle--Kilmannan civil parish/Woodtown townland
  69. Thomas Parle--Kilscoran civil parish/Milltown townland
  70. Thomas Parle & A. Doran--Meelnagh civil parish/Ballytarsna townland
  71. Thomas Parle--Mulrankin civil parish/Common townland
  72. Thomas Parle--Taghmon civil parish/Traceytown West townland
  73. Walter Parle--Ambrosetown civil parish/Tullycanna townland
  74. Walter Parle--Duncormick civil parish/Johnstown townland
  75. Walter Parle--Tikillin civil parish/Ballydicken Upper townland
  76. William Parle--Bannow civil parish/Brandane townland
  77. William Parle--Bannow civil parish/Tideway-Brandane townland
  78. William Parle--Clongeen civil parish/Kilbraney townland
  79. William Parle--St. James & Dunbrody civil parish/Duncannon townland


5/5/2001 From John Patrick Parle 

Subject: Griffith's Valuation lookup on "John Parle" in Wexford

Greetings Parle researchers,

Someone asked me to look up "John Parle" in the 1853 Griffith's Valuation for Co. Wexford. I decided to post the results, in case there are others who have Wexford John Parles in their family tree. If any of these look familiar let me know, and I can provide more info regarding the listed item.

In the 1853 Griffith's Valuation in Co. Wexford for that year, there were 24 "John Parle" listings in all. These were heads of household renting property in Co. Wexford. Some of these may have been the same person renting more than one lot of property.

The civil parish and townlands for these 24 listings for "John Parle" are given below.

A civil parish in the 1800s was a governmental administrative and record-keeping unit. In County Wexford there were 134 civil parishes.  Townlands were subdivisions of civil parishes, and there were often ten or so townlands in a civil parish.  Townlands often were 200 or 300 acres in size.

All these John Parle listings below were in civil parishes in the southern half of Co. Wexford, that is south of Enniscorthy.

"John Parle" listings in the 1853 Wexford data were in the:

  1. Ambrosetown civil parish/Ambrosetown townland
  2. Ballylannan civil parish/Ballyowen townland
  3. Ballylannan civil parish/Rochestown townland
  4. Ballymore civil parish/Ballyregan townland
  5. Ballyvalloo civil parish/Ballyvalloo Upper townland
  6. Carrick civil parish/Ballindinas townland
  7. Carrick civil parish/Park townland
  8. Coolstuff civil parish/Garradreen townland
  9. Duncormick civil parish/Commons townland
  10. Duncormick civil parish/Johnstown townland
  11. Killinick civil parish/Horetown townland
  12. Kilmore civil parish/Beak townland
  13. Kilmore civil parish/Crossfarnoge townland
  14. Kilmore civil parish/Newestown townland
  15. Kilmore civil parish/Great Saltee Island townland
  16. Kilrane civil parish/Churchtown townland
  17. Kilrane civil parish/Hayesland townland
  18. Kilturk civil parish/Ballyhealy North townland
  19. Kilturk civil parish/Newtown townland
  20. Meelnagh civil parish/Toberlomina townland
  21. St. James & Dunbrody civil parish/Coleman townland
  22. St. James & Dunbrody civil parish/Coleman-Arthurstown townland
  23. Tinturn civil parish/Coolroe townland
  24. Whitechurchglynn civil parish/Wilkinstown townland


26.06.2001 From JP to Mike and Christine

Subject: Fwd: Wexford Parle Households by Region and Barony, in 1853

Greetings Parle researchers,

Many Parle families aren't sure what part of County Wexford their ancestors came from. Judy Parle, when she was well, narrowed the focus somewhat by identifying that nearly all Parles came from the southern half of Co. Wexford.

Judy did this by taking the 1853 Griffith's Valuation data on Parle families, and color coding a map of Wexford civil parishes from back then. It is clear from the map that all the Wexford Parle households in 1853 were south of Enniscorthy, that is, in the southern half of the county.

Parle households by Region, in 1853

To get a better sense of where the Wexford Parle households were by region in 1853, one might draw an imaginary line across Wexford just north of Taghmon, and call the area below "Southern Wexford"; then draw an imaginary line across Wexford just north of Enniscorthy, and call the area "Northern Wexford"; and everything in between would be "Central Wexford. "Given these parameters, the distribution of Parle households by region in 1853 would be like this:

Wexford Region: Number of Parle Households, in 1853

Southern Wexford 79 Parle households
Central Wexford 26 Parle households
Northern Wexford 0 Parle households

TOTAL -- 105 Parle household

NOTE: The Central Wexford region above included Parle households in these civil parishes: New Ross, Killegney, Rossdroit, Kilcowanmore, Ballyhoge, Whitechurchglynn, Killurin, Tikillin, Ballynaslaney, Ballyvaloo, and Meelnagh.

Parle Households by Barony, in 1853

In all, there were Parle households in 42 civil parishes in the 1853 Griffith's Valuation of County Wexford, and within these, there were Parle households in 87 townlands. These locations represented the total of 105 Wexford Parle households in 1853.

The Parle households by civil parish and townland can be placed within the baronies of Co. Wexford to get another perspective on the distribution of Parles in the county. Below is table of Parle households by barony.

Wexford Barony: Number of Parle Households, in 1853

Bargy 26 Parle households
Forth 24 Parle households
Shelburne 6 Parle households
-- Far South subtotal 56 households
Shelmaliere West 25 Parle households
Shelmaliere East 1 Parle households
-- Lower Midland subtotal 26 households
Bantry 13 Parle households
Ballaghkeen South 10 Parle households
-- Upper Midlands subtotal—23 households
Gory 0 Parle households
Scarawalsh 0 Parle households
Ballaghkeen North 0 Parle households
-- Far North subtotal 0 households

TOTAL -- 105 Parle households, in 1853

NOTE: Part of the apparent disparities between figures in the above table and the earlier table on households by region is that there were civil parishes like Taghmon and others whose placement were in the "midlands" in the second table, rather than in the south (as in the first table). The Taghmon civil parish itself had townlands both in the Bargy and Shelmaliere West baronies, and all the Taghmon Parles in 1853 were in the Shelmaliere West portion. And there were quite a few Parle households in Taghmon in 1853, about ten of them.

The identification of the Parle households within the baronies was done using the IreAtlas website: 

A barony map of Co. Wexford can be found in the Geography section of this website: 

Best wishes to all, and happy hunting.

John Patrick Parle, USA



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